Christmas Eve

So here I sit in bed, listening to the wind and rain outside (which is of course second best to snow) while "Santa" puts Christmas presents under the tree. What a terrific Christmas Eve this has been (though it is now after midnight and officially Christmas!)

My family and I went to the 7pm Christmas service at our church this afternoon, and it was spectacular of course! In a chair two rows in front of us was a little boy. Because it was the Christmas service there was no little kid service, so we were altogether. I found myself watching him for most of the service. With each song he was clapping and jumping up and down (standing on his chair of course) and it was absolutely heartwarming. Yes, chances are his excitement was due more to Santa coming tonight than the birth of Jesus, but his laughter and smiles were absolutely contagious! I wish everyone had that much joy on Christmas! Sadly, not everyone is as fortunate as my family, and a lot of the members of our church are. So those are the people that will be in my prayers tonight. I (as well as a lot of other people) will wake up tomorrow morning and sit with their family beside a big Christmas tree and open numerous presents from each other and friends. There will be laughter and shared stories and hugs and kisses. We are so lucky. I am so lucky. And while the true purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, without the traditions that we are so accustomed to like presents, and decorated trees, and ham, Christmas would be a much lonelier time, knowing that so many other families are enjoying all of those lovely things. So pray for the families that have less than you and be appreciative of what you have.

I am SO thankful for my beautiful family and friends! And especially for my best friend, Katie Armiger, who I do not get to see nearly often enough! She is such an inspiring person and she truly means the world to me! It was so nice getting to spend time with her tonight! I think people take for granted being in close proximity to their best friends. That's something I will never do again! Kate is like my sister from another mother and I don't know what I would do without her!

Well, in case I don't post tomorrow, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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