A Daddy's Last Words

So here's my second post for the evening. I'm very thoughtful tonight... or maybe I'm still avoiding unpacking the rest of my stuff...

So while finishing up that last post I had How I Met Your Mother playing on the tv. The episode takes place at Marshall's fathers funeral. Though I missed most of the beginning of it, the plot became clear as soon as I unmuted it. Marshall was upset about his father's last verbal words to him (which had been about renting on the Indiana Jones movies...), but knew that there was a voice mail on his phone from him, that he was afraid to check. Anyway, it turns out he had just pocket dialed him, and though I can't begin to convey the emotional impact of Marshall's speech to his friends about his father, it was something along the lines of how he saw his dad as the greatest man alive who was always there for him no matter what, but that suddenly he just wasn't there anymore. It was like a slap in the face. Of course as the voicemail continues playing on speaker, his dad had realized he'd pocket dialed him and ended up saying he loved him (but only before he mentioned that foot cream he'd lost and needed back since that rash was acting up, because it wouldn't be How I Met Your Mother without some comedic relief.)
Well of course this made me cry (I honestly don't know what my problem is this week!!) and just as I'm balling, my own daddy texts me. "Hi sweetie." I said hi back and he wished me a goodnight from Brazil. I'm lucky to have a really good relationship with both of my parents! I know that if something awful were to happen and I couldn't see them again/they couldn't see me, I wouldn't have any regrets.
Make sure the ones you love KNOW you love them. Tell them everyday! You don't know when you may not get another chance to.

Okay I'm really done now and going to go unpack! Seriously.... 


  1. That is so true! Thank you for this! And you know we are truly proud of you! I love you Kirsten Leigh! :D

  2. You are very welcome! And thank you!

  3. What a lucky young lady you are to have a Daddy that loves you enough to text you from so far away in Brazil just to tell you good night! Keep those memories close always.


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