I am disgusted.
I found myself surfing Youtube just now... it started with a little boy singing a Kesha cover (how could I pass that up) that a friend posted on Facebook and of course that led to me watching many more covers (some really good, some really awful.) What can I say? I get pulled in. So I come across a Tik Tok cover and the girl's had over 1,000,000 views, so I figure this one I'll have to watch! 
Unfortunately for the female singing she didn't have a great singing voice (though neither does the original artist....) and was not conventionally pretty.
Now I wasn't aware of this, but apparently disliking something or someone gives you the right to be a complete a**hole. The comments under her video were absolutely atrocious! Now I do realize that this girl is the one that put herself in the public eye for people to judge and say what they want, but are you kidding me?! One person stated that they would "jump" if they had to go through life looking like her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Who gives you the right to treat ANYONE with such disrespect and unbelievable cruelty?! One comment like this and I could roll my eyes, tell myself they must just hate their own lives, and move on. But when it's comment after comment after comment, what does that say about us as a race? And the fact that there aren't more people standing up for this girl is ridiculous! I'm not saying there weren't a few encouraging comments, because there were, but the vast majority were people making fun of her. You don't know her! You don't know anything about her! How dare you try to make her feel bad about herself!
You can have all the disgusting, awful, cynical opinions you want, but keep them to yourself!


  1. Well said! People are horrible...they think they can get away with being ugly because you can't "see" them...the internet makes for a very sad state of affairs!


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