Maybe We're the Annoying Characters

So I was just reading a book (Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning, in case anyone cares) and the scene I just read in the book reminded me so much of so many other scenes in so many other books. And it frustrated me, as it always does! So I got to thinking, about the same things I always think about when reading a scene like this one in a book, about how the characters always get themselves into ridiculous situations and fights for absolutely no reason other than lack of communication. Those of you that are avid readers out there can commiserate with me. How many times have you been reading a book and were able to solve everyone's problem within a chapter of something bad happening? Or worse still, how many times were able to solve the problem before it even happened because you totally saw that coming?! Generally when there is conflict between main characters (usually between the male and female leads) the problem could be resolved with a simple explanation that for some reason is never given! It is so irrational! And yes, we being the readers often know more about whats going on than each individual character because we see the big picture, but seriously? Most of the time it's the character's own stupidity (yes, I realize technically it could be the author's, but I like to think of the characters as living beings, so leave me alone.)
Now all this time I've been thinking that in reality, we humans are far too superior for that. And that it's a good thing crap like that doesn't happen in real life! But then I thought... hmm, maybe it does! And if it does, we don't even know it! How many times have you had a miscommunication with someone? How many times have you wanted to tell that someone that you liked them, but just couldn't work up the courage? How many times have you been mad at someone and not told them why because they should just know? Maybe we're no better than the book characters we get frustrated with. Of course most of our misunderstandings probably don't involve end of the world scenarios that affect all of man kind. But still. If someone was reading a book about our lives, would they get as frustrated with us as we do with the characters' of other novels?
Who knows... maybe our lives are more like fiction novels than we realize. 


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