Writing Reality

I love writing. And I'm not necessarily talking about in this blog, I just love writing in general, especially fiction. I've completed one novel and have started several others, and I just love it! It's like an addiction for me. But something that occurred to me while I was reading a book a few moments ago (where a character did a really stupid thing that kind of annoyed me, which happens often) is how often I write something, and then realize immediately that that isn't something I wanted to happen, or isn't what I wanted the character to say or do, etc! Whether it's in a blog like this or for a plot line in one of my books, sometimes something just comes out that I realize isn't right. And it's an immediate realization. It seems that sometimes my fingers and thoughts work faster than my logic, and so I type something out really fast, and then realize the implications of what I'd written right after. This often causes me to backspace, either to eliminate the mistake or to rewrite it. How great would it be if I (or you) could do that in everyday life. We all make mistakes, and sometimes wish, after the fact, that we could have done something differently. What if I just had that instinct I do with writing in real life? I would know the moment I was making a decision that that was not in fact in my character and I should revise my thinking immediately in order to create a better outcome. If only. Now I realize that some mistakes are necessary and a part of life and I'm not trying to question the importance of making said mistakes nor am I trying to be all that deep. Don't look that far into it. It was just a thought I had. And that's really all I've got.


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