Young Girls Scare Me.

Is it just me or are young girls trying to grow up faster and faster with each generation? My mind is constantly blown when I see fb pictures of 12 and 13 year olds wearing short shorts and tops that show cleavage, with their faces caked in bad foundation and globs of jet black eye-liner and mascara. Girls, Halloween is only one day a year, and even on that night you'd be pushing it! I do remember starting to wear make up at that age, but I couldn't have told you what foundation or powder was. Maybe it's just more noticeable now because the girls are getting better at it? I don't know. It just seems incredibly wrong to me. Maybe I'm just turning into a prude. Who knows? It just upsets me that these girls are throwing away their childhood in favor of dressing and acting provocatively as if that will make them grow up faster. Another frightening thing is the rate that young girls go through boyfriends these days. Yes, I had a boyfriend towards the end of 8th grade. That was it. I know of girls who start "dating" in 6th grade and constantly have boyfriends after that. I just don't understand that. These girls don't even know themselves well enough yet! Why do they think they need boyfriends? Is that how the young female society judges their own worth? If that's the case then we live in a sad, sad world.  It just astonishes me. I hope I don't sound "holier than thou" because I'm sure there were a few times when I tried to grow up too fast, all young people want to be older at some point in their young lives. But I think the difference between my generation or those before me, and today's generation, is that now all this make-up and short shorts and serial-"dating" has become the norm in our society. It isn't strange to see little girls in gallons of make-up and clothes that aren't even appropriate on grown women. It's frightening. How are 13 year olds going to dress and act 10, 20 years from now? Be scared, be very, very scared.


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