Incomprehensible Wonders

We humans are capable of such great things. The connections we make with each other are so deep and so profound that it's almost impossible to put into words. I was watching Coming Home earlier, which is a show about soldiers coming home to surprise their families, mostly their children. It's that look on the child's face the second they realize their daddy's home that gets me. It's a look of surprise, adoration, and pure, genuine love. It's a combination of emotions that you just can't fake. We are so incredibly lucky to feel with such great depth of passion. It is these connections and emotions that truly drive us.
I love the quote "The world will never starve for want of wonders," by Gilbert Keith Chesterton. How true that is. The things we are capable of are so wondrous and so intense that there simply isn't a way of describing them. We take for granted things like emotions and love and friendships because they seem to be everywhere. However, in reality all of these things are so grand that they are almost incomprehensible.


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