Life is Not a Multiple Choice Test

I've been thinking a lot about the possible outcomes of my life lately. Being in college will do that to you. Sometimes it feels like choosing a major in college is the end all be all of your existence. It's kind of a scary thing. Choosing the career that you're most likely going to have to stick with for the rest of your life is daunting. We are creatures of change, though we may not like that change, it happens regardless. So to choose one thing to potentially do for the rest of your life is frightening. I'm going to school to be an elementary school teacher. What if once I'm out there I figure out that I can't stand children, and I don't have the patience to deal with them. Now granted there's not a huge likelihood of that happening, seeing as how I've been around children a lot in my life and should know by now if I didn't like them. But then what if being a teacher is just too overwhelming and stressful for me and I hate it? It's a scary, scary prospect. And then again, do I really want to be stuck doing something so... normal for the rest of my life? I've always seen myself being something exciting like a writer, or artist, a photographer, or even a musician! I've never wanted a 9-5 job, or in this case 7-4ish. And now I'm choosing to do exactly what I never wanted to as a younger person. Maybe that's part of growing up, realizing that sometimes you have to do what is more stable and more secure than what seems more "me."
But my point in all of that is that maybe there is more than one right answer in life. Maybe it isn't A, B, C, or D. Maybe it's short answer. Maybe there are several good outcomes, and it just depends on which one you go with. I could become a teacher and absolutely adore my secure, safe life, and that would be terrific. But maybe I could also drop out of school, get a job as a waitress and move to Austin to sell my photos and become a hugely famous photographer one day! Maybe, though that would seem to be a harder way of life, I would end up liking that life as well. I think there are just so many different paths to take that there's no way only one of them would lead to happiness. So maybe it's just about being happy with whatever you choose... making the best of what you've got and enjoying every minute of it. Being a teacher may not be as exciting as being an artist or full time writer, but maybe it's just as rewarding. 
To sum it up, life is what you make it. Be happy with the decisions you make, even if they're not the ones you'd originally thought you'd make. Also know that there is no one direct path to happiness. There are many paths that can lead you to happiness, so don't stress, and just go with the flow. What's meant to be will be.


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