Floating Animals in the Clouds

I feel like, for a lot of us, the older we get the more lost we become in ordinary life. We are taught to forget the wonder that we once had for life and the world around us. Our imagination cowers, making way for science, logic, and the mundane worries of the everyday. It's a sad day when you look up at the clouds and no longer see floating animals. Or when you cringe at the thought of having to read a fairy tale to a child, because inside you're telling yourself magic isn't real. Magic isn't real? Of course magic is real. It's as real as the butterflies floating through the garden, as real as the rays of sun shining through tree branches. Magic is as real as the sound of laughter floating through a crowded city street. Magic is everywhere. Maybe it doesn't come in the form of dragons and wands, but it's here, none the less. Maybe we just need to remind ourselves of it. See the wonder, see the magic, see the fantastical in the everyday, because it is there.


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