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How do you measure the importance of a film as a child? Is it how many times it makes you laugh? How long you can get lost in the story line? Is it how many of your friends like it? For me it was usually how far removed from reality it was. The further, the better. Over the years, starting in early childhood, I've found that I prefer to get lost in a world far removed from my own. Who wants to read or watch every day events that are all around you already? Why watch the boring and mundane when you can watch something fantastical that challenges your imagination and your image of the world around you? These are my favorite fantastical childhood films!

5.Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
This is one of those movies that just sticks. If you haven't seen it, you'll never understand. I don't know a single child who watched this movie and didn't dream of having a candy forest all of their own, to be able to drink from a tea cup and then eat the cup itself or to pull red vines from a tree. And who wouldn't want giant gummy bears?
Gene Wilder is pure genius! He was creepy, captivating, and whimsical all at the same time. There was just something about him that made you want to like him and cringe at the same time.

4. Teen Witch
 I don't think I could even count how many times I've seen this movie if my life depended on it. But I'll tell you something I do remember. I remember how intensely I wished I was Louise Miller! So maybe the plot line isn't the most original.... slightly nerdy girl wishes to be popular, gets her wish, gets the guy (with the ultimate 80's hunk name Brad Powell), realizes you should be careful what you wish for, and finally comes to the conclusions that she didn't need magic to be popular or get the guy after all, she just needed to be herself. Is it cheesy? Sure. Did I buy it at the time? Maybe, maybe not. But I loved it all the same. If you haven't seen this movie, you're missing out.

3. Mary Poppins
Can I start off by saying I wish Julie Andrews was my grandmother or at the very least my nanny? I'm not even sure I can accurelty describe in words what this movie made me feel. I think the only word that can truly sum it up is, of course, supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus!!!

I must also say that I had (have....) quite the crush on Bert. Who doesn't love a working man that can dance on rooftops as well as paint masterpieces with chalk?

2. Hook
So as a child the idea of staying a child forever may not have been at the top of my wish list, however I could fully appreciate the beauty and spectacular dreams of the lost boys. I think it's this adaptation that has always been my favorite because it took Peter, who had forgotten how to play make believe and how to fly, back to this imaginary world and taught him to how to live joyously and adventurously again. It gave me hope that though the world may seem like quite an ordinary place, it may in fact have quite extraordinary adventures just waiting to be discovered.

And of course, I wanted to be just like beautiful Tink, in her lovely ball gown and sparkling eye shadow. She was the definition of fantastical beauty and I was in awe. And her all consuming love for Peter created one of the sweetest scenes in fantasy history.

1. Labyrinth
Labyrinth is the ultimate fantasy lover's movie. It has every great element you could ever hope for! Plus David Bowie in make up and tights, who could ask for more?
Is it the music? The puppets? The poetry? Crystal Balls? Puffy dresses? Glitter? I don't know! I think it's all of it. I think Bethany Joy Galeotti said it best in her recent blog commemorating Labyrinth's 25th anniversary, click here to read it!

Honestly, I don't know what else to say other than it transported me to a romantic, magical world that I wished I could get lost in, just like Sarah did. <3

Honorable mention:
Pete the Magic Dragon
The Wizard of Oz
Race to Witch Mountain


  1. I'm in agreement with all of your favorites! When I was little, my favorite was Cinderella from 1965! :D

  2. :D I think I've seen that one.... not sure. haha


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