Inspired by Stephanie Nielson

We are all capable of handling far more than we think we are.
I'm sure I've hit on this topic before, but watching this beautiful video (click HERE to watch) and reading Stephanie Nielson's inspiring BLOG and thinking about what a strong woman she is, really got me thinking.
If you haven't heard her story yet I suggest you Google her.
We all have expectations of how our lives should turn out, whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now. The thing is, we never plan for the bad stuff. Why would we? We don't want natural disasters and the loss of family members or anything negative to interrupt the vision of our perfect lives. Unfortunately reality, REAL reality, not the reality we create for ourselves before it actually happens, isn't going to be perfect. We try so hard to keep going on the path we're trying to create for ourselves that at the first sign of a seemingly insurmountable wall, we assume there's no way around it. It's the end of our world. But that isn't true, it can't be, otherwise human life spans would be much, much shorter. Just like you dealt with the loss of your favorite pet as a child, one day you will deal with the loss of a close loved one. One loss may be far greater than the other, but in the end it's one more thing that will make you stronger. Don't freak out when a new challenge comes your way (I should be chanting this to myself in front of a mirror right now), just roll with it. Not only will you get through it, but you'll get through much harder challenges in the future. Just believe you're strong and absolutely capable of overcoming all obstacles. Have faith. God won't throw more at you than you can handle.

This song is definitely going to be stuck in my head all night...


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