Eras of Romanticism

This is one of the many pictures in a family photo album we have that dates back to one of my great great great great something or other who was born in 1827.
It's so incredible to think that these people are my ancestors, the people that led the way for me and the rest of my family, and they lived so long ago! Or at least it seems like so long ago (see last blog post).
The couple above is Charlotte Mae Brown (my great, great, great grandmother whom my grandmother and sister are named after) and William Henry Bond. This image was taken on their wedding day on December 14th, 1897. Looking at this image and reading the information about them, including birth and death dates, it feels as though they only existed for a short period of time, too long ago to matter to us. They are so far removed from our reality that these images seem like romantic images from a time long past. And to us they are, but in reality, were they any different from us? I doubt it. They may not have had the same technology that we do but I have to believe that they thought the same way we do and had the same emotional ups and downs.
We romanticize about these times, but in reality I doubt they were nearly as romantic as we give them credit for being. To future generations that will look back at images of us, will they think the same thing? Most likely. Which just means we should see the romantic things around us right now. Find magic in the simple things that a long time from now may seem so archaic and foreign. It's really a strange thing to think about.


I just couldn't help myself from posting this one.... how handsome is my daddy?! ;) haha


  1. I love this never do think about the present being the past....I think that's what I meant!? Haha! And I love this picture of your dad! LOL! :D


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