Profoundly Tempting Lies (My final thoughts on Facebook)

So I've now had a chance to put all my thoughts together properly and if my last blog about why I left Facebook wasn't enough information for you, here are my FINAL thoughts on the matter. ;)

We live in a world where we've come to rely on media sites like Facebook to project to the world how we think we want to be seen. The problem with that is that none of it is real. Post as many profound quotes as you want and as many well planned comments on your friends pages but at the end of the day what does that leave you with? Practiced words and worse, words from thoughts created by other people. It's like modern plagiarizing. But it's worse than just written form, because we're using it to create ourselves. It's a lie. A profoundly tempting lie, but still a lie. If Facebook was only about communicating with friends it would be a much less intrusive addiction. But it's snowballed and become so much more than that. I applaud those who have the ability to remain unaffected by the pull of Facebook and similar technological advances. Good for you! Unfortunately most of us have fallen victim to it. At least I, and a select few others my age are able to realize we've been sucked in. I'm afraid that the generations after us are completely unaware of the affect social media sites have on them because they just don't know any different. It's just the way it's always been to them. They've grown up with all these since before they were even old enough to use them. My eleven year old sister has a Facebook. Most of my generation didn't even have them until high school. Granted we had Myspace for a time, and Xanga before that, but those seem far less harmful to me, perhaps because they were the early stages of social networking. 

I'm not saying I hate all social media networks or that I'll never use Facebook again. I'm just saying I think we need to realize the kind of impact it's having on us, and not let ourselves get carried away in this virtual world. It's not real. We should all be focusing on our real lives, not on the one we try to create for ourselves online.

Okay FINISHED. No more. haha


  1. I totally agree. Well said.

  2. Very True! I think my generation uses it to keep in touch for the most part...but, I'm sure there are a few exceptions to that rule also! Reality is in the real world, not on the internet! Well said, as usual! :)

  3. lol Thank you mom. And Yeah I thought that I should have mentioned older generations as well as mine and the younger ones. Oh well. :P

  4. Yes yes yes!! I struggled with this a lot where I felt bad that I didn't have as many cool pictures / well planned out albums as my other friends who were abroad this summer, and it got me down until I realized; WAIT A TIC. why the hell do i care?! >i< know that I'm having the time of my life here in Japan, so who gives a shit if I don't have a million albums on my page and a bunch of witty things to say all the time and a bunch of likes! that isn't what it's about! i should be more focused on experiencing, and living, and really taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! maybe i'll share it with the world, maybe i won't! (...but I will, haha.) so I totally get your bit about fb being a way to portray us in a way that we want to be seen. It really has become so much more than just seeing what your 3rd grade teacher has been up to (which reminds well said. :)

  5. Exactly!! lol As long as youre sharing what you're doing, vs. doing things that will be cool to share, you're golden! haha And trust me, you're having a more exciting summer in Japan than I am in Sugar Land! :P Not that I'm not enjoying the summertime, because I definitely am! haha


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