Today's Minor Accomplishments

I have accomplished very little today. I haven't even done enough thinking to write an intelligent blog post.
My mother and I have however come up with quite a few spectacular "in your pants" movie titles.

The Sound of Music (in my pants)
The Ugly Truth (in my pants)
Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets (in my pants)
Kazaam (in my pants)
Gladiator (in my pants)
Transformers (in my pants)

Sadly there are many, many more of these and they are VERY VERY funny when running on only a few hours of sleep. My mom and I take jokes way too far. ;)

(click on image to get a clearer picture of it)
The only other significant accomplishments were painting my nails (inspired by Through the Wormhole's awesome designs!) and cooking a delicious sesame chicken meal for dinner!

There was also a BEAUTIFUL sunset this evening.


  1. ....Horrible Bosses...(in your pants)
    ....Green Lantern.....(in your pants)

    Wait for it....

    ....HP & the Deathly Hollows...(in your pants)



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