I'll Do What I Do & You Do What You Do...

A couple hours ago there was a knock on my apartment door. It was one of the guys that live next-door to me. It took me all of two seconds to see that this guy was completely wasted. He wanted to know if my roommates and I wanted to come over to their party and drink with them. He made a point of letting me know they were drinking. Most college girls I know would have jumped at the chance to meet their male next door neighbors, and just to party in general. My first instinct? Decline, without being rude of course. I also couldn't help noticing the difference between the two of us. Though on the outside we must have both appeared to be your average college students, there was a serious discrepancy between our two behaviors. The first was obviously that he was drunk and I was not. The next being that I would never knock on a strangers door asking them if they wanted to party. And finally, I couldn't help but notice (after later reflection) that I must have answered the door and responded to him like maybe a parent would have, but certainly not his peer. When he gave me his name (which I promptly forgot) I gave him mine and reached to shake his hand. Props to him for not even batting an eye and shaking mine right back. I also think I was probably talking to him as though he were a child. I gave him a vague response "well I'll talk to my roommate and maybe we'll see you later," with a fake, happy grin on my face, as though I would love nothing more than to party with him and his pals. And as he backed up waving, all I could think was I hope he doesn't come knocking again later because I probably won't be able to come up with a plausible excuse for not showing up.

Now, I come to my point. What is it that causes us to be who we are? What is it that makes him comfortable with asking some girl he doesn't know to come to his apartment and drink with him (other than the drinks already in his system) and what it about me that makes me think that is completely tacky and unresponsible? What is it that dictates what our characters will be like? The answer tends to lean towards nature or nurture. However I know people that defy both of those answers. So is it a combination of both? Or perhaps are we exactly what God wants us to be, despite both nature and nurture? I've always defied what most would call the "norm" around me, writing books while friends were partying, and holding grown-up conversations with adults while my female friends were gushing over cute boys. But does that have anything to do with me and my choices? Or is that just how I was made?
I don't even have any answers to this blog, it's just something I was thinking about.  Is it nature or nurture? Or is it just what it is? I'd be happy to have some input.

The title for this blog is a quote from Practical Magic, one of my favorite movies, that just came to me as I was writing this. Though with the context of this quote it may not seem appropriate, at face value I think it fits quite nicely.


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