A Love Like Henry and Clare's

I just finished watching the Time Traveler's Wife with a couple of my girlfriends. That movie ALWAYS gets to me, which I'm sure is no surprise.

The question I am left with each time I watch it is "is a love like that worth the complete and utter heartbreak that comes with it?" True, it is a movie, and chances are there aren't actual time travelers out there, but is there a love that great and that strong? Possibly. I'd like to think so, regardless of the doubts reality shoves in my face. At the end of the movie (SPOILER ALERT) Clare tells the soon-to-be-dead Henry that she wouldn't change a thing. Really? Given the choice, she would choose to spend the short amount of time with the love of her life, to lose him at the young age of 40 something, and live the rest of her days without him? For romance's sake I love that this is how she feels in the movie, but in reality can this be true? How could you go on living having lost a love that grand and utterly life changing? Wouldn't that be intolerable? And it's romantic to think that she goes on and stays strong for their daughter and maybe I should just leave it at that. Of course my mind rarely does the sensible thing, which would be to stop thinking. 

My heart breaks every time I watch Clare run to Henry in the meadow during that final scene. How would I feel if the love of my life, the man I cherished and lived for, had come to visit me four years after he had died? Would it be a blessing? A miracle even? Or would it be torture? Of course in the film it was seen as a blessing. A sort of final goodbye, as far as the audience knows anyway. But wouldn't it also bring up all of the emotions of loss once he disappeared again? Though those last few moments with him would be sweet and filled with joy, it would once again come to an end as he left forever. How could you bear that?

Of course any feminists reading this are probably rolling their eyes at me. I can just hear the comments now "Women are strong. We don't need a man to give our life purpose. We don't need men at all." BLAH BLAH BLAH. Sorry... I'm not antifeminist... but I guess I am a bit traditional, a bit too romantic maybe. I want to believe in the life changing love that you can't live without once you've felt it's presence. So I guess there's my answer. I wouldn't change a thing either if I where in Clare's position. I think the love is worth the pain. Because I want that love that defies all odds. That love that gives life purpose even on the darkest, saddest days.  


  1. I feel this way about the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It has got to be so heart-wrenching to watch your love literally grow younger and then you are growing older. Then when you finally meet in the middle, it's like there's hardly any time to enjoy each other. Then they have a kid and he has to leave out of the love that he has for Daisy and Caroline and knows they need to have a normal life and Daisy can't take care of him. It took so much strength on his part... everytime I watch that scene when he gets up out of bed one morning and just leaves...gone. And daisy is just laying there watching him. I couldn't stand it. And then it just gets more and more depressing from there. I don't know, I loved Brad Pitt's character in the movie- typical southern gentleman. Well... I love Brad Pitt too, so I guess that helps lol

  2. LOVE that last paragraph!! Amen sister :)

  3. haha Yeah, that's another terrifically sad movie!! It's one I can't watch by myself because I will just cry and cry and cry! hahaha

  4. I was just thinking about this last night - how everyone is searching for love out there but no one's willing to work and stick with love anymore. If something's even a little off from the "Disney prince" role, we just give up and leave. But I want more than the perfect "Disney prince." I want something that's real and tangible and that defies everything that storybooks or Disney has created. :)


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