Hostile Hipsters and Angsty Emos.

I'm not quite sure if I should be aggravated or impressed with this outdone and overplayed topic that I've been dwelling on for the past few days. The topic, of course, being labels. I've always felt as though I were on the outside of all cliques, labels, groups, whatever you want to call them. & other than a very brief, and very regrettable dark eye-liner and sneaker-with-skirt-and-studded-belt phase in junior high, thanks to my obsession with all things Avril Lavigne, I've never tried (or failed...) very hard to fit in anywhere.

The propensity in which these labels catch on always amazes me. And sure most of them are just recycled labels from our parents and grandparent's time, but who is it that starts these random revolutions? The current one being Hipsters, the last one I can think of Emos. WTH. And when you think about it Emos were just angsty teens (watch some Dawson's Creek reruns if you doubt me) with too much eye liner. Hipsters are just a combination of hippie and nerd rolled into one, with a couple vintage cameras thrown in. I think the thing that separates modern cliques from those of the past is obvious: technology. It's now easier than ever to spread your annoying "coolness" to other parts of the country and world. The part I DON'T get is why so many people latch on to each new "hip" movement. Why would you do that? You're just proving to the world that you're just as unimaginative as the next person. In a world that thrives on creativity and imagination it's astounding how many people are completely uncreative and unimaginative. 

Here's my theory... I, and everyone else who never seem to fit in with a certain label and can't seem to identify ourselves with a group of people, do in fact all have one thing in common; we are the unique ones. We are the ones that don't go out of our way to be "different" because we know that we will stand out for who we are, and not for who we wish we were. We are the ones who aren't afraid to actually stand out, to make our own rules as we go, instead of playing someone else's game.
BE YOUR OWN PERSON. There's no need to be Bobby Hispter over there, because he already exists! We need a Sappy Susie, and a Romantic Rachel, a Silly Steve, and a Critical Calvin!
Find what makes you, YOU, and roll with it.
Thanks to Asseveraveta for this beautiful image. 


  1. Silly Steve ?? You're no referring to anyone I know are you ?

    What label am I wearing these days? Never mind, I can’t handle the truth.

  2. YES!

    What I don't understand is the attachment to fake glasses. I have to wear glasses, and although I wish my eyes weren't so dry and could wear contacts, I can't. And here these people are volunteering to wear glasses. Wasn't it just a few years ago that we were being picked on for wearing them??

  3. HAHA right?! It's ridiculousness.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA OMG DAD. I just saw your comment. I thought of the "silly" before the Steve, and naturally Steve was the first "s" name that came to me! You're Suave Steve! How about that? :P


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