Inspiration in the Form of a Man in a Top Hat

The whole saying about writers writing what they know is so true. And even though I have a great imagination that I put to use in everything I write, it's always nice to be able to pull from real life experiences and emotions. I love when something in my everyday life inspires something in one of the many paranormal worlds drifting around in my head. For example Pure, the first novel I've actually finished, takes place in my grandparents old home where I spent many, many Chistmases. The draw of that location pulls at my heartstrings and for many reasons, just felt like the perfect setting.

I'm always looking for inspiration and my favorite kind sneaks up on me. When something happens, or I see something that can be easily romanticized, I immediately and often unknowingly turn it into something I can use in my writings. I was lucky enough to have just such  moment Sunday afternoon. 

I was driving back to San Marcos from Sugar Land and I stopped at the rest stop along the way. As I was walking back to my car a figure in all black was heading in my direction. I was trying not to stare but I'd never seen a person quite like this man before and couldn't help myself. I was sitting in the car talking to Elphie... and not at all waiting for the guy to come back out so I could get another look at him... when he walked out and headed back towards his car. What a character he was! I was in awe and knew there had to be something special about him. His character was practically writing itself. Thanks to this mysterious strangers I have begun a new book that will begin and end with this character. I finally found the time this evening to sit down and write some, so heres what I came up with. It isn't revised and will go through many changes I'm sure, but enjoy.

He looked to be a lonely soul. With eyes that had seen to0 much and skin that had weathered many storms, he was clearly getting on in years. No matter where his wanderings took him, he was sure to stand out from any crowd. He had a pale complexion, with a long scraggily graying beard. A black top hat sat firmly on his long, slender head. He wore a long black formal coat that just grazed the top of his nearly knee high black leather boots. Beneath the coat was a black vest and silver chain that connected to an intricate vintage watch tucked very securely within his vest pocket. On each finger were quite impressive, thick silver rings. And resting keenly on the bridge of his nose was a pair of black lensed, round, glasses that could only be described as ancient and wiry. What watched from behind those glasses were eyes as gray as dark gathering clouds.

However the most impressive thing about the mysterious, if not strange, gentleman was not that which anyone could see. It was the aura of power that emanated from the very fiber of his being. A power that no living being, regardless of power, status, knowledge or will ,would ever comprehend.


  1. Sounds like you saw Abe Lincoln to me....


  2. haha!! That's funny. But this guy was much cooler than Abe Lincoln! & not as tall. ;)

  3. Sounds like a biker/mage to me! I can't wait to read the rest! ;D

  4. haha yeah I don't think he was a biker... but thats kind of what came to mind to me too. lol


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