2011 Filed Away With Fairy Dust

I stopped making New Years resolutions a long time ago. I found that the reality of being able to follow through with them rarely met their high expectations and I am an all or nothing girl. If I say "My New Year's resolution is to stop drinking diet coke" and then two weeks in I drink a diet coke, I fall off the wagon. If I screwed it up once, it's over. & that just leads to a big let down that really isn't worth it.

Despite the fact that yesterday was December 31st, 2011, and today is January 1st, 2012, nothing significant has changed. There was no fairy dust sprinkled over earth at midnight, no spell cast on the world that dictated everyday after yesterday would suddenly be better, no folder titled "2011" that was closed and filed away to be forgotten. The only thing that has changed is a number on a piece of paper. With that being said, I appreciate, and even enjoy the symbolism of starting fresh. It's like having to wait until a Sunday to start a new diet. I get it. But I don't think it calls for a complete, overnight, life change. It doesn't work like that, as romantic as that would be. The only thing that will dictate change is us. We have to choose to make a change, but that change doesn't have to occur because it's a new year, it just has to happen because we want it to and we will it to and we make it happen. With that being said there are a lot of things I want to work on and accomplish in the future. & hopefully some of those will happen in the coming year.

  • I need to remember that I can't change anyone but myself.
  • I need to stop looking at the world with an external locus of control. I have the power. I affect my circumstances, no one else.
  • I need to let my little sisters grow up on their own and stop trying to control them. My first thought is always to protect them from the world, but sometimes they need to learn lessons on their own and hopefully know that I will be there for them if those lessons are hard ones.
  • I'm going to get Pure published.
  • I have to let things that irritate me go, because I truly have no reason to be unhappy. I can't let little things get to me.
  • I'm going to teach myself to eat better and be more active.
  • I'm not going to worry as much about my future as what is happening right now.
  • I'm going to continue to lean on God in all parts of my life, no matter what and have faith that He knows better than me.
  • I'm going to spend more time doing things that make me happy like writing, and painting, and reading and crafts. Life is so much more enjoyable when you're doing things that you love.
  • I'm going to find happiness in my everyday life and stop waiting for something to suddenly snap into place so I can be happy. If I did that I would be waiting forever.
  • I'm not going to be afraid of failing.

Keep in mind that just writing these words down in a neat row with bullet points on the first day of the new year does not mean that they will automatically going to come true. I'm going to have to work at each and every one of them, and I know that. & there are tons and tons of things that I will need to work on that aren't even listed. But that's okay, because I have a lifetime to figure it all out. Starting now.

I started a 5 year one line a day memory book today. My line for today came pretty easily. "A year from now I will be glad I started today."

It came to after I saw a quote on Pinterest which I absolutely adore and is so, so true. How much easier would all of the things I listed above be if I'd started them 5 years ago? 10? It would be second nature by now. I have to start sometime. Why not now?


  1. Lots of wisdom in your writing. I would say "Good Luck", but you don't need luck. If you've made the decision, then it will all happen.




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