My Faith in the Adventures of Life

So I just made a decision.
I am going to throw everything I have into my art classes for the rest of my college life. Why not?! I have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I have spent so much time worrying about my future career when I really just need to have more faith in myself. I'm going to look at everything I learn from now on as a possible stepping stone to my future, regardless of what that unknown future holds. I'm going to trust God's plan for me and accomplish everything thrown at me to the best of my ability, and have faith that God will show me the path(s) I'm meant to follow along the way.
It's scary, and unknown, and I hate the unknown. But I'm trying to look at my life as an adventure, and not a series of obligations. This might mean having to learn to take things a lot less seriously and do some things that maybe I'm not all that excited about but I think in the end that will benefit me a lot. I hope.
I wish writing this down would make it fact, like waving a magic wand around, but in reality it's just one more thing I need to work on. But that's okay. Life is a work in progress. If you're not working, you're dead.


  1. Awesome!! You have so much to offer the world! And you have barely scratched the surface of your talents! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! :)

  2. Mom you're going to make me cry! haha


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