Lost things, Coffee, and Notecards

I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a month! My life has been so busy and jam packed lately that every time I sit down to think up a blog post it's usually so late at night and I'm so exhausted that I either can't remember anything I'd care to talk about or I just end up falling asleep before I can get much of anything written. Not to mention all of the creativity in me seems to get sucked dry in all my studio classes, leaving me with little energy to come up with something original unless I'm being forced to by a professor. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a pretty great, even when stressful, semester! It's just exhausting.

Today I find myself with a few free minutes to blog (i.e. a few more minutes I can procrastinate getting back to studying for my two art history exams, one presentation, and three projects this week).
I just feel good today, physically, mentally, every "ally." haha. Anyway I just find it amazing how a few small things can make such a HUGE difference.

The first thing you should know is that due to hours and hours of studying and then hours of good late night conversation with my roommate Azalia, I was up til about 4:40 in the morning. So it must not be taken lightly that I woke up as early as 9:30am! That was quite an accomplishment for me. I started my morning off to the sounds of Elphie knocking things off my dresser, things that I still have not been able to locate. What it was or where it is is still a mystery. I didn't bother yelling, she wouldn't have listened anyway. After I finally rolled out of bed around 10, I drank coffee, which over the last few days has pretty much saved my life. Azalia and I got to work on our various projects together at the "dining room" table while we listened to the sermon from River Pointe Church online. We also watched a few funny cat videos and talked, and listened to Elphie chatter at the birds outside the window. I had some good music playing on my laptop and the knowledge that this week will be over sooner than I realize, thankfully, because it's going to be a stressful one! I'm probably going to complain through it and wish I didn't have so much work, but at the end of the week, I will have survived no worse for wear. There's something kind of powerful about that. Sure some tests and projects aren't that big of a deal in the scheme of things, but every little accomplishment matters. It makes me feel strong and prepared.  It's really a cool feeling.

So I just took a nice long shower, skyped with my dad, and as soon as I do my hair it's back to work! Am I happy about having to spend almost my entire weekend making flash cards, sketching, and studying? No, not really. But the harder I work today, the easier tomorrow is.


  1. I'm proud of you for all you do! And for learning to like coffee! ;P (Great video BTW!)

  2. Ye it's about time you got another blog out.. Been on holiday ????

    Now stop procrastinating and get back to your studying......

    luv you


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