You too can be a Unicorn Astronaut.

As we grow up we're told we can do anything we want, be anything we want, and achieve everything we set our sights on whether that's becoming a firefighter or a rock star. And somewhere along the way we learn how to doubt that. Through people who put us down, failures that stick with us, and fear of the unknown, we learn to doubt ourselves and the possibility of the "impossible". Well screw those people, forget those failures, and stop doubting. Because unicorns do exist, you are a princess, you can be an astronaut, and flying is not impossible! Nothing is. So maybe you have to find some backdoors and be creative, so what? That's the fun of it isn't it? I cannot stress enough how important it is to do what you want in life! And by that I don't mean lay in front of a television all day eating poptarts or go out and party every weekend. I mean find what you're passionate about and do something about it and work for it until you get it! Because it'll be worth it. Or so I hope. <3

(photo by me)


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