It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want to Cause Girls Are B*tches.

I don't think I attended or had a single birthday party before the age of 16 or so that didn't end with some kind of Titanic style cry fest or Kill Bill like girl fight. My baby sis (now 12... wow) is having a small party with a few girls right at this very moment... oh the inspiration. From smeared frosting and loud laughter to catty whispers and pouty crying, it's like I'm having deja vu style flashbacks.

That saying you hear all the time about how there can't be happiness without sorrow... it's true. It's like how you'll never truly appreciate living in a nice apartment if you haven't first lived in a crappy one bedroom dorm with a communal bathroom. You can't know true happiness without having first known sorrow. With that being said the emotions of pre-teen girls are usually out of control anyway and when you add impossibly high expectations for their perfect dream parties and the imperfection of reality it's easy for those already out of control emotions to sky rocket into space... hence not being able to be happy without some sorrow.

Now forget all that crap because here's what really makes the difference; Girls can be bitches! & I don't know why! I don't know if that over the years it's just become somehow acceptable because thats a fallback one-liner, "girls are just mean." Well it's not acceptable. Ever. I don't care how rich, popular, smart, or "mature" you are, there is no reason to be mean to other girls. Our society has made it so that "drama" (a term that is way too over used these days) and girl fights have become entertainment and sought after pastimes. I have been on both sides of mean girls, though mostly on the hurt side and always on the losing side. Because it doesn't matter if you're the one being mean or the one being hurt, at the end of the day you're going to feel bad yourself, at least most of us. I haven't known a single bully who didn't bully in order to make up for something she didn't like about herself. It's sad.

I know mean girls have existed since the beginning of time, but with social media these days and the speed with which girls are trying to grow up lately I feel like the impact of mean girls goes so much further than it used to. Luckily more media also means more voices to those who are speaking out against mean girls, and bullies in general.

I wish that it was made clear to young girls who are mean to each other that bully's aren't just jocks who shove nerds into their lockers. Bully's come in all forms, including little blonds wearing pink lipgloss. Young kids can't comprehend how their actions affect others, so it's up to us to make sure every child feels valued, and knows that it's never okay to be mean to others.

So back to my main point... get enough girls together in a social situation and there's going to be conflict, whether that be because of emotions running high or girls just being plain mean. We all go through it, and hate it, and yet the cycle continues.


  1. Very accurate…

    Other then that you leave me speechless….


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