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I am disgusted with today's media regarding celebrities. By now we've all heard of Kristen Stewart's affair with her married director, Rupert Sanders. Images were just leaked yesterday and already I'm tired of hearing about it. But what is even more tiring to me is that fact that the media is treating this like some dramatic movie where you can make up stuff you didn't see and predict the ending with all your friends. These are people's lives! It sickens me that anyone thinks they have the right to tell Kristen,  Rob, Rupert, or his wife anything about the situation! No one knows whats going on but those four and for Rupert's wife to have possibly had to find out about his indiscretion via Twitter is absolutely heartbreaking. How would you like to find out your husband is having an affair AFTER the rest of the world finds out? And I have no idea how Rob found out, but it was most likely from some outside source that doesn't even know him or Kristen. It's disgusting.

I just saw a clip on E News asking it's viewers to let them know what they think about the situation and to tag it on twitter as "#kristencheats". Really?! Are you kidding me? "Kristen Stewart" is not a character or a brand. She doesn't have someone scripting her life. She is going to make mistakes, as is everyone involved in this situation, just like everyone at home thinking they have the right to speculate about her life! And at the end of the day this is HER LIFE. How dare we spend so much time speculating and gossiping. She knows the situation, she knows what she's done, and how it will affect herself and those around her and it is utterly ridiculous that she (and probably her publicists) found it necessary to issue a PUBLIC statement about her PRIVATE life. Don't get me wrong, I get that stars have chosen this life of publicity. But it can go too far! And I think we are definitely getting there. Not everyone that sings or acts or does whatever for the public wants their crap thrown up on every television and newsstand in the country, if not the world. 

And to the Rob and Kristen fans out there, specifically their Twilight fans, GET OVER IT. They are not Bella and Edward. Nor are they in a relationship together because you all (we all...) think it's so sweet! They are in an adult relationship for the same reason that anyone else is, because they like or love each other! And just like any other real world relationship (because their lives are real world!!) they're going to have issues and fights and might even break up! But you know what? That is their business! Not yours! SO BUTT OUT!

Rant over.
For now.


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