I'm Thankful for Wrong Directions and Imperfections

Have you ever thought about how impossible it is to get lost these days? We're always so sure of where we are. Thanks to smart phones and GPSs we can find our location at any given moment and find directions to anywhere we want to go. It's so easy. So simple.

Life really isn't that simple though, thankfully.

There are no turn by turn directions out of depression. No simple instructions to find Happiness. No tracker on our dreams. What if there was? In this world where everything is at our fingertips and simplification is the ultimate goal, what if everything that was once complicated was turned into simple instructions and directions? There would be no wallowing into a tub of ice cream after a heartbreak, no 12am teary-eyed phone calls with your mom, no pity laughs from your best friend, no fail before a win. Everything would be mapped out for us. Turn left for perfection.

Heartache sucks. Tears suck. Losing sucks. But without these things what glory would there be in the good stuff? And what would human connections turn into? Would they even exist? 

Life is so hard. There is no way around that, at least not yet. We should be thankful for that. Because of heartache and sadness and disappointment we have the opportunity to lean on those around us. And to be thankful for the things that go right and the things that keep us going even when things are going wrong.

That's why I'm thankful for my God. For my family. For my best friends. For my sweet kitty. For books and music and poetry and words and art and stormy nights and all the little things that make every day a little bit magical.

I'm thankful for imperfections, wrong turns, and misguided decisions. I'm thankful for sorrow and tears and bad directions.

I'm thankful for life.

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