Have Heart: My Thoughts on Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court "discussions" on prop 8, gay marriage, and I'm sure many things I don't even understand, has got everyone up in arms. Some for, some against, some unsure. I, like everyone else, feel the need to have my opinion heard. Let me just say (for those of you reading this who may or may not know me well) that I am a proud Christian, and I have a strong relationship with God. I believe in the Lord and his teachings, but I am also a fairly open-minded person able to form my own opinions, based on my beliefs, yes, but not based on following blindly, which I fear a lot of "Christians" do.

I am not going to be pretend to be an expert on the Bible. I'm not. Nowhere near it, in fact. Just like a lot of people who are throwing around opinions today, claiming to know how God feels on this topic, I'm just able to admit it. But for the sake of this post (whether you agree or disagree), let's say that unless marriage is between a man and a woman, it is a sin. Two men marrying each other is a sin, and two women marrying each other is also a sin. Hypothetically or realistically, depending on your opinion.

Well you know what else is a sin according to the Bible? Lots of stuff. Jealousy, drinking heavily, lying, being proud, wearing clothes of the opposite sex (women wearing pants...), any kind of violence, tattoos, and the list goes on.

We've all done some, if not most of these things. And guess what? Whether you believe in Him or not, God doesn't love us any less for them. Nor does he love us any less because of the sins of others. If you don't get offended when other people commit these so called small sins, then why would it offend you that two people, who love each other and are in a relationship just as valid as yours, want to be in a monogamous, socially recognized, marriage? Sorry for the way this sounds (to both those for and against gay-marriage) but who cares?! If you're a person who is in love with someone of the same sex, great! Go for it! Who am I to say what's right and wrong, when I sin on a daily basis? The same goes for you. Why do you care so fricken much?! It isn't your life. You can live your life any way you want... just as they can. Your way of living will never work for everyone. That's one of the glories of this life, we have freedom of choice.

I know that there is a lot more to the gay marriage argument both historically and politically, such as parental rights, benefits for couples, taxes, and the opinions' of our founding fathers and what exactly is right (or should be right) according to the Declaration of Independence. I get it. That's not what this post is about.

What makes me angry, are Christians who are so forcefully against gay marriage. Why do you care?! They're not hurting you. Just like your straight marriage isn't hurting them. Yeah, so they don't hold the same opinions as you... suck it up! And welcome to reality, where you are not the only person that matters.

You know how you hate being seen as a tight laced, crazy, bible thumping Christian? Well stop being one. Stop judging everyone that sins differently than you do.

In the mean time, I'll say a prayer for all of the gay and lesbian couples out there that are having to fight for a right that I just happened to be born with. That allows me to marry a man, because he's a man, but doesn't allow another woman to mary a woman, just because she was born a woman. Both women... only one that can marry in a socially acceptable fashion. It's like adult bullying on a world-wide scale.
Think about it.

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