You and the stars are endless.

I've always been good at remembering to smell the roses. And to find shapes in the clouds and appreciate sunrises and sunsets, but the thing I always forget about is the stars. I live in a place full of lights. A place that never sleeps it seems.  But when you're in a coastal beach town and sitting outside on a balcony with nothing infront of you but dark sea and dark sky, you see the stars. And they're endless and magical and all the things you used to think about them when you were a child and still thought about such whimsical things. The bright spots of wonder in the endless expanse of darkness make you remember how limitless life is. How limitless the universe and love and creativity and spirituality and happiness can be. It's easy to forget that you and your immediate surroundings are not in fact the center of the universe. So on days that you forget that your minor problems are just that, minor.... drive out onto a pier or take a walk down the beach or a country road. And look up. Be reminded of the tiny little lights that float in the sky. Of their magic and their twinkle and their magnetic pull. Remember how small you must be from their view, and how endless the space is between each of them as well as between them and all the things up there that you can't see, but know are there. Like planets and moons and galaxies and astroids. Be reminded that magic is endless. Life is endless. You are endless.


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