It's over. Move on.

I love writing, though I have never been able to keep up with a journal... regardless of how many of them I buy because it always seems like such a great idea at the time. This is yet another of my attempts at keeping up with a "journal," though I have high hopes for this one. ;)

 Something that has been on my mind a lot lately, and came up in a discussion with a good friend today, is the ridiculousness of "drama," specifically after high school. Now the term "drama" should, in my opinion, be used only when referencing theater or cinema. Sadly, it has become a word that describes the ups and downs of relationships, usually in reference to annoying confrontations with (mostly) girls, often of the high school age, though sadly at times adults.
 Let me start of by saying I have never (not even when I was in high school) taken part in "drama." In fact I steered clear of it as much as possible.
Now to get to the meat of my irritation... Why do girls (though it isn't just girls, that's who I'm focusing on) thrive on drama?! Particularly those who are no longer in high school (and haven't been for some time.) In high school it was almost understandable. You're still maturing, trying to find your place in the world and high school hierarchy seems very important, because it is such a small world. But once you're out of there... what is your excuse?! Why would you want to intentionally make yourself seem childish by creating problems that usually are not there to begin with? Real problems are not being able to support your family, not having enough food to put on your table, losing a loved one, etc. If the biggest issue you have to deal with is someone talking about you behind your back or someone buying the same pair of shoes as you, consider yourself lucky! Why create extra stress and unneeded arguments with people when reality is going to throw you enough curve balls all on it's own.
GROW UP. HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER. Become an adult and stop turning snow flakes into avalanches. (idk if that made sense or not but it's winter and seems appropriate.)
The life God has granted us with is wonderful and special, and there is no need to ruin it with petty "drama" that won't matter in the end.


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