New Years... not so new.

While I appreciate good symbolism as much as the next writer... I no longer see the New Year as a new beginning. Because it just isn't. As great as it is to think that just because the year we write on paper changes everything in our lives will miraculously change for the better, that just isn't how it works. If you want a new beginning, you have to make that for yourself, the date has nothing to do with it. I must sound like a pessimist to those who are so looking forward to putting 2010 "behind" them. But just like any other day, week, or year, it will always be behind you, regardless of what you call it. So continue to build up on the life you have and be proud of the things you have gone through to get to the New Year. Just don't expect anything to be different all on it's own. Change occurs only when you do something to create it!

So make 2011 into the year you want it to be and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE everyone! Party it up and stay safe! I'll talk to you next year!


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