Expectations of the Temporary

I think sometimes we want to see more in people than what is actually there. Maybe it's a sign of selfishness, or perhaps gullibility, but I think we are susceptible to what we want, rather than what is reality. Or perhaps it's just hope. I think we all have an ideal person in our minds and maybe we try to apply that mold to the people we encounter. Unfortunately a sad kind of reality is that we have higher standards for a lot of people than they do for themselves. You can see what you want to see, but at the end of the day there's only so much to work with, and what's there is there. No more, no less. And you can either live with the reality, though disheartening it may be, take it for what it's worth, or leave it. We all make choices... maybe the people you put your hopes and dreams into didn't make the choices that you wish they had, but you can make your own choice now. See what's there. Put your faith into a higher power, in God, rather than in the ordinary people around you. For all you know, you're a let down to those same people that let you down to begin with. So look for something greater. All things on earth are temporary, and that includes other people. We can hope all we want for exceptions to that rule, and maybe some do exist, but don't bet your happiness on it.


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