Early Morning Revelations

"... and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. "

When my first alarm went off this morning at 5:45am I was gripped with the immediate realization that this morning was going to be the death of me. I was, as usual, up late studying last night, as I have been for the last several days and have gotten very little sleep. With two tests to study for, a presentation, a painting, and various other projects I am running dangerously low for a Tuesday. Needless to say I immediately labeled my alarm clock as my arch nemesis the second it went off. I knew I had to get to school early today to get a good parking spot and then get to the library for a book for my presentation before my 8am class. So with a rather grouchy sleep deprived disposition, I walked out the door ready to be greeted by an awful, soul sucking day of projects and art history tests.

Imagine my surprise when I was shown the exact opposite would be happening, only seconds after leaving my apartment complex. I love when ordinary, everyday things, like driving to class, turn into something magical.

I had just barely pulled out onto the road when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over, and gliding through the foggy darkness was a beautiful, graceful deer, running alongside my car and then darting back behind a building. I thought it was gorgeous! But of course being as grouchy as I was my first thought was "of course today will be the day I hit a deer. I'll have to tow my car, I'll miss class, and then I'll have even more work to do!" (after I finally stop crying). As beautiful a sight as it was, it was a fleeting moment and I still had more important things to do than gawk over beautiful animals.

I got to school, got a good parking spot, and walked across campus to the library. The walk was so chilly and nice! But once again, I was in a hurry to find a book and get back across campus for my 8am! I took the elevator to the 6th floor, browsed the art books for 15 minutes or so and finally selected one that interested me and was walking back to the elevator when I was given a reality check. In Alkek Library in San Marcos, Texas, on the other side of a 6th story window was a sunrise. And not just any sunrise, but probably the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. If you don't know, there are floor to ceiling windows in Alkek library, and I was on the side facing the quad and Old Main, and what I saw truly took my breathe away. I've seen San Marcos from that vantage point during the day, at sunset, and at night. But never have I seen it like this. 

Realization slowly began to seep in. So what if I had a busy week? So what if I have to get up early and didn't get much sleep? Look what God has given us. I mean wow. And when I stopped to think about it, the deer was my first sign to snap out of it. All of the little annoyances, and anxieties in my life are so meaningless when compared to the beauty of everyday life that I am so fortunate to be able to enjoy. God has given me so many gifts, not the least of which is a world with beautiful sunrises and elegant animals. I am so blessed, and so fortunate! 

Walking to the art building after leaving Alkek, which I did begrudgingly, I couldn't help but look around at the people who were beginning to fill campus and wonder if they were seeing the world the same way I was. And how many of them were grouchy, sleep deprived, and anxiety ridden without having seen this morning's sunset? How many would have stopped to look in awe, and how many would have walked by those windows and city view that they see everyday and not even realized the glory that they were so close to feeling? Life is too short to sweat the small stuff when the big stuff is so breathtaking! <3 Have faith in the Lord, he will get you through everything!

(I found this on Pinterest and thought it was cute! I don't take credit.)


  1. That's beautiful.....

    Well said.

    And a good morning to you..

    Miss you


  2. I agree with dad! You are so right! So many times we allow ourselves to be brought down by the little stuff! :D


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